Ann Wagenhals Ceramics


The infinite possibilities within a mound of clay have intrigued and exhilarated me since I was a teenager.  I wrote my Stanford application essay about ceramics, but raising three children and pursuing careers in education and law left little time to pursue my art.  Now, though, I have some time--and I’m thrilled to be back!

As I “throw” (make) a pot on the wheel, the passage of time changes, and I lose myself in the process--I love the motion and the feel of the clay; I also love the constant change.  And when I've finished, I'm happy to have created something--often functional and sometimes beautiful--from a simple ball of clay.

My work is both decorative and functional; I enjoy exploring the connections among shape, texture, and color.  Hearing stories about people using my pottery--or seeing it in their homes--delights me.

My work is available by private sale and by commission: