By day Wiyanna is an award winning and published hairstylist in Menlo Park and by night she can be found making candles for Celtic Rose Candle Co. Wiyanna started the company in 2016 after finding it difficult to find candles she liked for the salon. With a little bit of research everything fell in to place. With a deep love of horses she knew she had to create something that was equestrian themed. And if she needed better candles, she thought maybe other people did too.

While living in fast paced Silicon Valley, Wiyanna also wanted to create a reason to slow down and relax. The world is frantic enough and she knows we all need time to decompress and reconnect with the things that are important.

When Wiyanna isn’t working at the salon or making candles, she can be found riding her Irish Sport Horse mare, Celtic Rose, preparing for a horse show, gardening, or herding her two cats, Boots & Prairie.