Traditional Palestinian handicrafts made by artisans in the Bethlehem region, West Bank, Palestine. Claire Anastas, is the proprietor of the Souvenir shop in Bethlehem and she commissions artisans in the Bethlehem and surrounding towns and villages—individuals, women in organized cooperatives, and youth, including physically and developmentally challenged children—to create unique handicrafts. A separation wall is erected on all three sides of the souvenir shop and due to
such restrictions in mobility and merchant corridors, the store itself is not enough to sustain the artisans. For most artisans, the sales of handicrafts is their livelihood; so Claire and international network of volunteers set up pop up shops in the US and other countries to assist many families earn a living. Items for purchase include functional olive wood carvings, Christian figurines, nativities, and ornaments, candlesticks, kitchen utensils, bowls, etc, traditionally painted (Jerusalem) ceramics, traditional hand-embroidered pillow covers, table runners, clothing, purses, book marks, key chains, wallets,
coasters, wall art, rosaries, silver and costume jewelry, cloth shopping bags, and much more. The gorgeous and intricate embroidery, (or needlework,) dates back thousands of years, and each town and village has their unique designs.