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Note: We will be Closed Dec.25-Jan.5, 2019. Have a Happy Holiday!



The Village Hub is…

Created by neighbors and friends, the Village Hub is a friendly meeting place to experience wellness, the arts and a variety of programs, where you can come to get everything from spiritual support to community connections, better health or share a great cup of coffee.

The Village Hub is a nonprofit, interfaith, creative expression of the Village church. Loving and serving the community, it is a common space for people to connect, learn, celebrate and care, all while enjoying fantastic coffee.

We welcome parents, students, elders, professionals and families to enjoy our space.  We offer a small indoor space and a large outdoor courtyard with plenty of room for creative meetups and classes, and free WiFi.

The Village Hub hosts classes in spiritual studies, yoga, dance and meditation, and hosts arts events, fundraisers, and more.     

What IS The Village Hub?

The Hub is unique. It offers a free community resource and gathering space, in a beautiful setting, in the heart of Woodside.

It invests time, energy, and dollars to develop a vibrant roster of community events, fundraisers, classes and resources. It has brought music, current affairs, great coffee, ski swaps, and all kinds of specialized classes to benefit folks in Woodside and beyond. The Hub makes space for non-profit partners such as the Young Dreamer Network, In The Land of my Ancestors, the Rotary Club and more to come together for support.

Isn’t that part of the Church?

The Village Hub is led by a team of volunteers (Go, Hub Steering Committee!), with a smattering of professional staff time (shout out to our Baristas, our Program Lead, Emily, and our Healthy Chef and Coffee Bar Manager, Jillian). It’s a community-based group, with its own charter, leadership and bank account. The Woodside Village Church is our fiscal sponsor (i.e. provides space and does the admin and other work needed to keep things afloat), and shares the mission to create a community gathering place for all people of good-will.

And Your Mission?

We aim to make Woodside a more intimate, connected, and friendly space - sharing the benefits of this wonderful town across the many kinds of folks who live and visit here.

Why do I Care?

Hub can be your WiFi connected workspace, your place for great coffee and a healthy, delicious power snack, your pit-stop on a great bike ride. You can hang (for free) or incubate a wonderful creative program. You can hold a birthday party or a mega fundraiser here. You don’t need to ride horses, buy stuff, or wear fancy lycra. You can just be you. That’s pretty cool.

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